Breed of the Month

A cat with no ears? An owl with fur? Look again - it's the unique and beautiful Scottish Fold cat!

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Seasonal Reminders

A Soft Place to Sleep
'Tis the season for your cat to snuggle up at night in a nice warm bed!
Cat beds for every style and taste!

Cat Health
If your cat goes outside and the temperatures are above freezing, you still need to think about flea and tick protection for your cat!


Season's Greetings to You and Your Cat!

orange catAs we step into the winter season we hope it finds you and your cats warm, well and happy!

If you have outside cats or your indoor-outdoor cat relies on you to let her inside, consider investing in an outdoor shelter this year! Cats are pretty good at keeping themselves warm, but extreme cold does pose a danger of frostbite and besides no self-respecting kitty actually LIKES being cold and damp! Putting a wooden or insulated cat house on your porch, deck or yard will give your kitties a safe haven and protect them from the elements if coming indoors isn't an option!

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white cat in winterKeep Your Cat in Shape this Winter!

Everyone wants to stay in shape over the winter, and your cat is no exception! Browse a huge assortment of sturdy, well-constructed cat furniture - cat trees, cat condos, gyms, cat scratch poles and wall perches. Shop and compare prices - kitty furniture makes a great gift too!

Cat Jewelry for People

We've scratched up some of the most beautiful and unique cat and kitten jewelry on the internet. Designs in 14kt gold, sterling silver, or fun, fashion jewelry guaranteed to make even the fussiest cat lover purr with delight!

A Fresh Home for Holiday Entertaining!

Company's coming over for the holidays, and no matter how many times you clean it, it's hard keeping that litterbox completely odor-free. Litter pan covers and concealers not only take that ugly litter pan out of sight and out of mind, they help cut down on odor too. Even a simple cover will do the trick, but there are also clever, attractive cabinets that provide storage for litter and accessories, while looking all the while like ordinary furniture. Your guests will never know!
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Affordable Gifts for Special Kitties

For good kitties who only deserve the very best (and their owners) - exquisite cat wall systems, and unique cat trees to pamper your feline friend! Or how about some challenging new cat toys?