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Cat Gift IdeascatsWe love cats! Watching them, playing with them, or just snuggling up with them on a cold winter's night ... their primitive beauty adds something special to our lives. And of course, we love to spoil them too!

At left are two of the "spokescats" and official product testers for CatGiftIdeas.com. You can see they work really hard - NOT! We think there's a little more hope for the youngest one (pictured to the right below).

tabby catTo bring you the very best in cat shopping, we have partnered with some of our favorite vendors, including CatsPlay.com, reknowned for their exclusive, high-quality cat trees and furniture as well as for their outstanding and personal customer service, AnimalDen , featuring secure shopping and a huge selection of cat breed gifts, decor and more, and Jakes Dog House - yes, there are cats in the dog house and here's a secret: Jakes carries the same merchandise as some of the other online pet stores at a much lower price! Our partnerships enable us to help you browse through the biggest and best selection of cat furniture, beds and other gifts and necessities for your favorite feline friends and the people who love them.

Watch for new features coming to this website over the next several months. We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have or suggestions for improving our site!