Buying a Scratch Post

The best scratch post to buy is one made from the type of material your cat prefers to scratch. Does your cat like to claw on wood? A cedar scratch post may spare your window frames and furniture by providing an alternative scratching surface that your cat will enjoy using. Some cats prefer carpet, others sisal, but there's something about the soft, claw-friendly cedar scratchers that makes them a popular favorite!

Here's another tip: When buying a vertical scratch post, make sure it's tall enough for your cat. It should be at least as high as your cat can reach while standing on his hind legs. Most cats will use a scratch post that's shorter, but they will be happier if they can really do a good upper body stretch to scratch.


Scratch Posts and Scratching Poles

Scratching isn't something a cat does to misbehave, its an instinct and one so strong that even many cats who have been declawed still go through the motions of scratching! Give your cat an acceptable outlet for his scratching with a scratching post or pole - built to encourage your cat to exercise his feet and claws without ruining your furniture!

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