Cat Training Tip
Plan to be doing a lot of travelling with your cat? Get them accustomed to cat carriers and car trips at an early age - the younger the better! Go out of your way to make it a pleasant experience, giving them treats in the cat carrier and taking them fun places and you'll have a cat who will look forward to travel adventures with you!


Shopping Tip

If your cat does not travel well, consider a hard cat carrier instead of one of the more stylish fabric models.

An anxious cat will claw and pick at the carrier, making short work of your purchase and possibly escaping or endangering themselves in the process!

Carriers for Cats and Small Dogs

Are you and your pet going places? Make a fashion statement with these stylish pet carriers! From sporty modular models and "puppy purses" to fine designer bags, you'll find something to suit any style. Some even open up to double as a bed while travelling! This amazing collection features names like Sherpa, Celltei and more.