Litter Box Training Info

Has your cat stopped using her litter pan? Or does she miss the box sometimes? Don't panic - See our related article on solving litter box problems >>

TIP: If you're using a litter box enclosure make sure you don't forget to clean the box or your can may stop using it!

Litter Box Furniture and Litter Pan Covers

Hide that unsightly litter box and give kitty some privacy too with one of these clever litter box covers in a wide range of styles and prices. Looking for something simple and practical? Affordable, carpeted litter pan covers double as a scratching or sleeping spot. Or choose one of the designer wood furniture litter box concealers - custom made to order, with features like storage compartments, dog-proof entrances, interior waterproofing, choice of finishes and door styles and optional decorative details. These litter pan cover-ups help prevent odors too - nobody but you and your cat will ever know what's inside!

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