The Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat (calico)Strikingly beautiful or really ugly? One thing's for sure - the Sphynx cat is controversial!

The Sphynx originated from a spontaneous mutation which produces a lack of hair. The mutation occurred in various breeds and was selectively bred to produce the Sphynx cat we know today.

The Sphynx has a semi-foreign, solid body type with large, evenly-set ears. It is overall a small cat and mostly hairless, with smooth, soft skin. There may be a little hair on the bridge of the nose, behind the ears, on the feet and on the top of the tail. There are few or no whiskers. One of the most interesting things about the Sphynx is that it comes in the same colors and patterns as other cat breeds - but the colors are visible as skin pigmentation rather than hair.

The lack of fur makes the Sphynx more susceptible to cold than other cat breeds. They also lack the natural padding of an undercoat and may not be comfortable on hard surfaces. They enjoy a cozy bed and a warm, luxurious cat carrier when travelling.

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