The Exotic (Shorthair) Cat

exotic catLove Persian cats? Not up for all that grooming? An Exotic cat may be the perfect choice for you!

Originally created by crossing Persian cats with American or British shorthairs, the Exotic cat (sometimes called the Exotic Shorthair cat) has the look and temperament of a Persian with the shorter, thick, plushy coat of the latter breeds.

This thick coat does require some attention, but it doesn't mat as easily as that of the Persians. A good brushing once or twice a week (especially when your cat is shedding) will keep it in tip-top shape.

Like their Persian "cousins", Exotics are medium to large cats with a "cobby type" body - low and wide with a short abdomen. They are also bred in the same extensive variety of coat colors.

The temperament of Exotics is generally sweet, gentle and easygoing. They are lap cats and enjoy a life of luxury. They can be playful, but normally not in the high-energy style of Siamese or Abyssinian cats. They are homebodies.

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