The Abyssinian Cat

abyssinian catLooking for all the world like a small wild cat, the Abyssinan (sometimes mis-spelled "abbysinian" or "abysinnian") breed was developed in Victorian England from ticked tabby cats imported from northern Africa. It strongly resembles the cats which appear in ancient Egyptian works of art.

The Aby is a small to medium sized cat with a medium-long muscular body. The coat is soft, silky and dense - the ticked appearance comes from two or three darker bands of striping on each hair. A long haired variety (called the Somali) also exists - many breeders of Abyssinians also raise Somalis.

Aby cats are playful, intelligent, sociable and lively - keep them fit and busy with an entertaining cat gym and plenty of interactive cat toys!

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For more information about Abyssinian cats:

CFA Abyssinian Breed Council - Information and breeder referral. Show oriented, but still has very useful information if you are looking for an Aby.

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